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Parliamentary Review

We were thrilled to be contacted by the team at ‘The Parliamentary Review’ and asked to be interviewed for an article celebrating best practice at Marsh Hill Primary School.

Marsh Hill had come to their attention because of our consistently strong results and the great progress children make here. It was such a pleasure being inteviewed for this prestigious publication with a national and international audience as it was a great opportunity to tell everyone about our fantastic school and the families we serve!

We received an invitation to attend an evening at the Houses of Parliament representing Marsh Hill Primary School.  So in September 2017, Mrs Douglas (the Head Teacher at the time) attended the Parliamentary Review Gala evening along with a small number of other schools from the Midlands area and received the final published document.

A copy of the document was sent home to each family from Y1—Y6. Mrs Douglas said that it was a pleasure to represent Marsh Hill and that she was so proud of the school's achievements and that Marsh Hill are definitely dreaming, believing and working together to achieve our goals.