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Anti - Bullying Response From DFE

Response from the Department of Education on behalf of David Cameron, Prime Minister

Dear Ms LomasThank you for your email of 24 March, addressed to the Prime Minister, about British values. Your email has been forwarded to this department and on this occasion I have been asked to reply.
Firstly I would like to thank you for sharing the “Anti-bullying Rally” with the minister which we feel is a fantastic initiative. We understand the Rally was a great success and attended by a Member of Parliament!

As you will agree, it is vital that schools in this country teach the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. Without an understanding and respect for our shared values, we cannot expect any young person to play a full part in British society.

As you are aware, the Department for Education will be putting in place a range of measures to require every school, independent and state funded, to promote British values, and ensure they are held properly to account for their performance, through inspection.

We congratulate you upon your initiative and wish the children every success for their future.

Yours sincerelyAnthony Hunter 

Anti-Bullying Rally Photos

A PRIMARY school in Erdington is to march through the town in an 'anti-bullying rally' next week.The pupils of Marsh Hill Primary School were set the task of promoting 'British values' by the Department of Education and they have risen to the challenge by coming up with the idea of marching through Erdington next Friday (March 27).

Pastoral manager Cathy Lomas said: "The entire school community, including pupils, staff, governors and parents, will be participating in the rally to show our commitment to eradicating bullying behaviour.

"It will be an amazing visual representation of unity for the school as we march around the local area displaying banners and placards created by the children, showing that although they are young they can make a really positive difference to their community and that their efforts are an achievement to feel proud of."

From 2pm next Friday, the pupils will be marching with their banners, inspired by the Department of Education's challenge.

Ms Lomas added: "In November the Department of Education told all schools to promote 'British values' – these include democracy, The Rule of Law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, concluding with pupils contributing positively to life in modern Britain.

"A tall order you may think however at Marsh Hill Primary School we feel that we always encourage these values but this year our focus has been highlighted within our 'anti-bullying' strategy.

"The strategy has provided pupils with many opportunities to promote British values and included a 'general election' of anti-bullying ambassadors. "These ambassadors will be leading the rally on March 27 to show their dedication to raising awareness of the importance of this issue within our local community. We plan to leave the school at 2pm and to follow a local route which includes Marsh Hill itself."