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Questionnaire Results

At Marsh Hill we understand the importance of listening to pupil and parent views. We know that working together we grow from strength to strength in providing the best education for our pupils.

Twice a year we carry out two very important surveys to help with this. One is a pupil survey and the other is for parents. We take the questions from similar Ofsted surveys to help us.

Below you will find the results of our most recent questionnairre. You will see just how many parents are happy with their child's experience of the school and what pupils enjoy most.  

We asked our parents ‘What do you like the most about Marsh Hill?’

Below are some of our parents’ comments from our recent survey:

  1. Everybody is friendly, staff are amazing with the children.
  2. My child is safe and very happy
  3. They care about everybody and are very helpful and cooperative
  4. The information to parents is excellent.
  5. The opportunities to do extra-curricular activities is excellent
  6. The school always performs well each year
  7. It’s diversity with a good mix of communities and cultures.
  8. Staff are fully committed to their pupils and I can tell my child is making good progress
  9. Good communication. They welcome me with any issues I raise concerning the children and we both solve them
  10. Not only focussed on academic but on developing well rounded children

Average satisfied response from parents: 98%

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