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Welcome to the class page for Rainbows and Sunshines!

Although we cannot be together at the moment, we would just like to say hello to you all.

We have been so very proud of you and how well you settled into Reception and really enjoyed being at school. You work so hard and we know you will continue to do this at home. 

We all love being your teachers, you make us smile every day with your smiles, chatter and friendliness. Keep sending us any homework or photographs of you having fun. Don’t forget to play some games and keep using your wonderful imaginations to make up stories, sing songs and make the adults who are looking after you really happy. 

Parents/Carers: As you may have noticed, we've included lesson timings in our daily timetables. Please note that these timings are there purely as guidance. We understand that you may have more than one child who needs to access your family's shared computer/laptop/tablet and that each child within your family has online learning to complete. We also understand that internet access may be limited for some. We have requested that you email your class teacher with photographs of completed learning at specific times so that the class teacher can view and mark the learning and then send a reply to you. If you choose to send photographs at a later time or date, the learning will still be marked and a response will still be given.

The government have strengthened their expectations for home learning, meaning that all primary schools will now be providing/offering at least 3 hours of learning per day for Reception and Key Stage 1 children. Children in Key Stage 2 will be provided with a minimum of 4 hours of learning per day. This is called our 'remote learning offer' and we are continuing to improve it each day.   

You can contact the class teachers using or 

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