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Teaching and Learning

We offer support through a variety of interventions that are matched to your child’s needs. For example:

  • Whole class differentiation
  • Small group support
  • 1:1 intervention
  • Adapted tasks and resources
  • Differentiated homework

The effectiveness of these interventions are continuously evaluated and reviewed.  

All teaching staff assess the level children are working at and differentiate the curriculum accordingly.  We use a range of criteria and evidence to help us identify the level children are working at. This helps teachers to plan work for all children to make progress.  The work and support will be varied for different groups of children. 

Our school will provide good teaching for your child and extra support where needed. We use a range of strategies to monitor the progress of children to ensure that good teaching is taking place for all pupils.  We do this through:

  • Tracking your child’s progress through half-termly assessments and pupil progress meetings
  • Regular book and planning trawls for all classes and constructive feedback to given to all teachers
  • Classroom observations and learning walks, including monitoring the learning environment

All school staff will receive appropriate training so they have the knowledge and confidence to support children’s needs. Regular staff meetings are used to ensure staff have up-to-date knowledge to teach children of all abilities.  Training is occasionally delivered by specialists e.g. asthma and allergy training or training by a member of the Communication and Autism Team (CAT), Pupil and School Support (PSS) and School Nurse team. The Inclusion Team are available to support and assist all staff in school with regard to SEND.