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Aspirations Curriculum


What is SMSC?

SMSC stands for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

The information on this page will show you how we promote your child's Spiritual, Moral, social and cultural development at Marsh Hill Primary School.





SMSC Values

We have ensured that our SMSC provision meets the requirements as stipulated in the new National Curriculum (Sept 2014) and the most current Ofsted framework for school inspection (Sept 2015). Please click here to view the letter we recieved from Birmingham SACRE regarding positive comments made about our SMSC provision during our last Ofsted inspection.

Values Education

Values Education comes to Marsh Hill!

We have just introduced a new approach to developing the spiritual, moral, social and cultural education of the children at Marsh Hill. It is called 'Values Education' and builds on the previous work we did using SEAL (Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning). We teach one values lesson each month to introduce the new value. We then reinforce each value through assemblies and discussion.

What are Values?

Values are the thing which we think are important in life. Our values affect the behaviour choices we make. Caring, co-operation, courage, friendship, happiness, honesty, hope, helpfulness, love, patience, peace, pride, resilience, sharing, tolerance, trust …and lots more!

Values Education at Marsh Hill

  • We agree on one value to work on per month excluding August.
  • We think about the value in assemblies.
  • We will talk about the value in class.
  • We talk about the value at home.

Each week we will try to prove to our teachers, parents, and each other that we can show the value 'in action'. In achievement Assembly, we will decide who deserves special Values Certificates, to celebrate people who have shown the value during the week. The values will build on one another and we will remember them as and when an issue or the need arises. After a while we will aim to get the values quality award.

The 22 Values are taught on a two year rolling programme, and are outlined below:

January Responsibility Determination
February Love Kindness
March Caring Tolerance
April Happiness Forgiveness
May Appreciation Honesty
June Understanding Hope
July Unity Co-operation
September Friendship Humility
October Respect Freedom
November Thoughtfulness Courage
December Peace Generosity


How can I help at home?

On the weekly newsletter we will tell you what the theme is and how you can support your child. This may be through talking about the value or completing an activity. Praise your child when they demonstrate the value. Make sure you model the value yourself! Let us know if your child does something fantastic! We would like parents to help us decide who will get the special Values Certificates each week.

"The time is always right to do what is right" – Martin Luther King

At Marsh Hill we appreciate our family, friends, our school, what we learn, the fun we all share, the adults who help and support us, our community, the outside world and each other.